Maze Dash

Puzzle game concept that I worked on using the LibGDX engine. It runs on Android and Desktop systems. I have stopped development for this game when I moved on to collaborate with other people and started working in the Unity engine.

The goal of the game is to get to the exit. The player can move vertically or horizontally, but only stops moving when they hit an obstacle. Levels are designed on a grid-based template.

Obstacles that could be added in the future for increasing difficulity can be:

  • Blocks that move on player collision, which enable level design where player needs to create a path to the exit;

  • Locked exits that require a key;

  • Enemies that slowly chase the player, urging constant movement;

  • Levels that are larger than the screen (prompting the player to remember paths off-screen);

  • Blocks that only appear when the player triggers an event, creating a dynamic level layout;

  • Teleportation gates, which would require the player to remember which gate leads where.