This page contains development blog entries that I’ve written about my work for the MSc Video Games Development (Gamercamp) course. The original intended readers were my lecturers, but it should generally make sense for the wider audience as well.

In these reflective blog posts, I cover the programming I’ve done, justify my decisions and reflect on what I could have done better. They also contain a few entries regarding project management within our team, and our general approach towards teamwork.

Godsend Pre-production and Prototype (21 Sep 2015 – 23 Oct 2015)

Godsend Project Management #1: Defining Scope

Godsend Project Management #2: Planning and Tasks

Godsend Project Management #3: Programming as a Team

Godsend Programming #1: Character Controller

Godsend Programming #2: Pushable Blocks, Triggers and Animation

Godsend Programming #3: Refactoring the Collision code and Bitmasks

Godsend Production and Post-production (26 Oct 2015 –  11 Dec 2015)

Godsend Programming #4: Creating Entities in Ogmo Editor

Godsend Programming #5: Implementing an Event-Driven System

Godsend Programming #6: Level Asset Animation

Godsend Programming #7: Moving Backgrounds

Godsend Programming #8: Fire Traps and Knockable Pillars

Godsend Programming #9: Player VFX

Godsend Programming #10: Audio Implementation

Godsend Programming #11: Physics Optimisation

Godsend Programming #12: Memory Leaks

Godsend Project Management #4: Code quality, Rush and Impatience

Godsend Project Management #5: Burnout and Sustainable Pace of Development

Godsend Project Management #6: What we did right and what we did wrong

Xtreme Drone Racing R&D  (4 Jan 2016 – 26 Feb 2016)

Homework Task: Memory Manager

XDR R&D #1: Teamwork and Management

XDR R&D #2: The Framework

XDR R&D #3: Collisions and Helpers

XDR R&D #4: Vehicle Mechanics

Xtreme Drone Racing Pre-production and Prototype (29 Feb 2016 – 20 May 2016)

XDR Programming #1: Vehicle Controls

XDR Programming #2: Proxy Input, Trick component, Boosting, Bullet Physics

XDR Programming #3: InputBuffer and Annotations

XDR Programming #4: Time Attack mode, Saving leader boards

XDR Project Management #1: User stories, Estimating, Acceptance criteria, Definition of done